Monday, January 24, 2011

Forrest Gump

Fast Facts:
Title: Forrest Gump
Year: 1994
Actors: Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Robin Wright, Salley Field
Language: English

"My mama says life is like a box of chocolates," says Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, a low IQ, but practical man. Forrest Gump may not be particularly smart, but his practicality and luck throughout the years has allowed him to meet U.S. presidents, go to the Vietnam War, start a ping pong craze, start the Watergate Scandal, start the smiley fad, begin the slogan "S*** happens", and then finally getting the love of his life, Jenny, at the end of the film.

Why has "Forrest Gump", with its simple story and little conflict throughout, been so popular? Because of its brilliant acting and charm. Many parts of the film is sad, such as when Forrest's friend Bubba dies in the Vietnam War, but the film keeps its sentimental and inspiring tone throughout. We wait for Jenny to fall and love Forrest as Forrest loves her. And that may be the conflict in the story.

Whereas Forrest lives an idealistic life- getting a scholarship in football in college, meeting presidents, becoming the center of several important events in history, and becoming rich at the end- Jenny dates abusive boyfriends, dabbles with drugs and suicide, and then at the end dies of AIDS. But throughout the film, Forrest loves her unconditionally in his own way.

The story is as improbable as they come, but we are made it believe that it actually could have happened thanks to the magic of the screenplay. The music is sweet but low-key- all eyes are on the story and on the acting. Hanks won his second of two Oscars in this movie ("Philadelphia" was his first), and his portrayal of Forrest Gump was near perfection. I don't know if it should've won Best Picture, but nevertheless this is an excellent movie. It moves a bit slow at parts and sometimes you can't understand why Forrest loves Jenny so (sometimes it seems as though she doesn't deserve him), but you have to understand that that is part of the charm of the movie.



  1. Great Review! I would've given it a 10 ! But that's an awesome review!

    My favorite Quote: "Run, Forrest, Run!"

    (I can do a pretty good Alabamian Accent ;D)

  2. Bharat- keep in mind that a 9 is pretty close to perfection. Some of my favorite movies top off at 8... so a 10 is very very rare for me. :)